Agrindo Ltd - Rice producing and selling

Our Products

Agrindo Ltd offers Bulgarian rice - long-grain, round-grain and medium-grain varieties.

  • Rice Barley - Agrindo picks its produce with its own agro-technique, dries and stores the barley, having separate dryers. It also has its own skalds and silos.
  • White Rice - passes through a high-tech rice mill and depending on the variety, it is medium-grained, large-grained and long-grained.
  • Brown Rice - obtained after removing the rice husk. Rich in fiber and other useful substances. Just like white rice, depending on the varieties, it is medium-grained, large-grained and long-grained.
  • Broken Rice - there are two types of broken rice for human and animal consumption.
  • By-products: rice husk, rice bran – are a secondary product of the processing of rice barley and are mainly used in animal husbandry.
  • Rice Flakes


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